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Renowned as premium golf and landscaping company in the country, DGA Greens has existed for both residential and commercial applications since 2010 in Dehradun, New Delhi and NCR. The company selects synthetic turf that has taken realism to a next level by manufacturing the most superior artificial grass products all around the globe. With DGA Greens, the prospects are endless. DGA Greens isn’t just about synthetic turf, it is honestly committed to making you glad to choose us. The USP of our company is to offer world-class quality and competitive prices.

Superior quality products


It is majorly due to the superior quality of our products that we have gained a reputation of being the number one brand to build jogging tracks for athletes, ITF certified Tennis and Badminton courts, injury proof gymnasium surfaces and kids play area surfaces. DGA Greens continues to be the one-stop destination of playing field grass over the last several years as the brand is synonymous with its realism, charm, quality and ability to withstand even the toughest retaliation sport persons can unleash.

DGA Green’s line of merchandise

The DGA Green product line comprises golf architecture and construction, sports design and construction, landscaping and turf for both indoor and outdoor golfing facilities, offering an international level facility to design and install maintenance and hassle free lawns, terraces, decks and other spaces – all built ultimate in realistic golf performance. The DGA Greens product line consists of more cost-effective artificial turf which is great for replicating a natural grass and feel in any environment within less budgets and low demanding applications.

You can bet on DGA Greens!

Being the first in the country to be certified by the ASGI, USA and with an experience of several years, DGA Greens offers unmatched products and delivers unrivalled quality. Moreover it is our collection of affordable yet high quality golf accessories, manufactured with professional expertise that sets us apart from the other pro shops around the country and makes us the most reliable provider.

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