Nowadays tiny homes are in a growing trend. It appeals to our imagination and our desire to live a life where less is more for us. Tiny homes are beautiful and efficiently managed inside but if your home’s outdoor venture does not give you a fair look then it will spoil the outdoor beauty of the home.

You have invested more time and money to spend in the outdoors, rather than doing household chores

For all such problem, Artificial turf is so perfect and require today!

Let’s take a look why you might have to consider artificial turf for your tiny home.

1. Enjoyed throughout year

One of the most important reasons for using artificial turf in the tiny home is that it is enjoyed the whole year without any hassle. You can use artificial turf lawn during or immediately after rain as there is no mud and no wet blades of grass inside. It’s weather-friendly.

  1. 2. Maintenance and cost-free

It requires nearly zero time and money on maintenance. Don’t need to buy, maintain and store bulky equipment for lawn cares. Artificial turf needs only an occasional rinse to wash away the dust, and if the leaves fall or blow into the lawn area, a quick clean rake or sweep removes them. It fits beautifully in your new look lawn

3. Expanded Living Area

You are generally facing problem when there are so many guests but you tiny house have less indoor space, but it is possible when you have plenty of outdoor space to entertain guest which is perfectly design. Moderate sized artificial turf lawn even double or triple your living area.

4. Animal-Friendly

Artificial turf for animals, bring a realistic look and feel, make it the number one choice for pet owners. Our pet deserves a safe, durable Artificial Turf area for their recreation, relief & comfort because they are also the family member. Clean the urine by rinse water. It will drain away immediately and also dries fast.

5. Won’t Die While You Are Gone

Many of the tiny house owners travel a lot, use their tiny home another vacation home or have two or three spots where they can change as the seasons change. In that case you have two choices: either you have to can pay someone to care for your lawn while you are away or you need tiny house artificial turf that requires little to no care.

6. Kid-Friendly Qualities

Artificial turf provides a lush, soft spot to lay in the sun for the little champs. It makes the tiny house an ideal choice for children who need an outdoor space.

7. Requires Few Tools

Storage is always a serious issue in tiny houses, so there is certainly not enough space to store tools that usually come along with yard care. For an artificial turf lawn, all you need is a rake or brush to fluff it up occasionally and a garden house to spray it down if dust accumulate or you have pets that use it as a relaxing area.

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