Artificial turf technology has evolved significantly over the past few years and is now majorly used by many sports all over the world, especially cricket. As we all know, cricket pitch is the most heavily used areas on a cricket ground which can lead to quick wear and tear, making the bounce off it very hard to predict. An Artificial turf is a perfect solution which allows play to continue uninterruptedly with a consistent surface throughout the course of play and throughout the year. Moreover, this turf is beneficial both in terms of the player comfort and playability.

Benefits of Artificial turf for cricket ground

Artificial turf fields have the ability to address a number of problems that can impact the game. These include:

  1. Water availability

Nearly half of your water bill each month is spent on lawn maintenance, whereas artificial turf doesn’t require much watering, thereby offering the ability to harvest water that can be used for irrigation of natural lands and other landscape areas. Now imagine your water bill being cut in half and your contribution to water reduction during one of the most severe water droughts.

  1. Weather variability

If your area has been impacted by drought or significant rain events in the past because of which you had to close the training and stop the play, it’s time to get installed artificial turf which has all weather utility. This turf will continue to provide a safe and playable surface no matter what the climate is.

  1. No pitch issues

Cricket pitch is the most used area which has to be maintained in excellent quality. Artificial turf cricket pitch is undoubtedly more durable even in the areas of pitch that are more prone to wear and tear. Moreover, this turf offers excellent bounce, swing and spin for bowlers and thereby enhancing the skill and technique of cricket players at all levels.

  1. Getting more use out of set open space resources

Getting additional land for sports is a huge challenge. Artificial turf fields allow up to three times more use than natural grass grounds and can therefore provide better usage scope out of the existing playing space available.

  1. Vibrantly realistic

Artificial turf is the perfect alternative to natural grass and it comes in every imaginable color to cater to the diverse desires and requests of the consumers. Be it the deep, vibrant green that you prefer or some lighter shades of green, almost ever colors if available.

Final words

Designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment, and available in a range of styles and textures, artificial turf field offers amazing opportunities for both indoor and outdoor landscaping. Furthermore, this turf offers a reliable pitch for the young cricketers. So if you’re really passionate about your game then thinking of having your very own artificial turf cricket pitch right in your backyard is a perfect decision.

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