When it comes to your little ones crawling and running around, it becomes all the more essential to create a safe place for them to play freely. Kids require a soft and durable surface that will allow them to enjoy and have fun. Artificial greens are worth investing in as it guarantees a safer, cleaner and happier surface for your kids.

Gone are the days when you had to compromise on your child’s safety by letting them play on uneven and patchy areas. Artificial turf allows for a safe play experience your kids as well as your family even your pets. Moreover, this grass eliminates some of the major problems associated with natural grass such as watering, maintenance and cleaning.

DGA Greens bring you the perfect solution with its best quality synthetic turf, keeping your kids happy, clean and safe!

Here is how artificial turf ensures kid’s safety.


Owing to the durability of synthetic grass that DGA Greens offer, more and more schools and parents are getting motivated to install artificial turf surface. This turf is full of shock absorbing infill materials that assures safety for kids.

With children, you cannot stop accidents, but you can ensure their safety by getting installed artificial turf.

Minimal allergies

There’s no way to escape the pollen and allergies on the natural grass, whereas artificial turf produces no pollen, hence your kids will enjoy a cleaner surface to play on while crawling, running and jumping around. They won’t get disrupted by allergies.

No clumps

Albeit, grass lawns can look wonderful, however it isn’t safe for your kids. In order to ensure that your little ones have the safest area to play on, artificial turf is the only solution. This type of grass doesn’t get affected due to weather or heavy foot traffic. Say bye to the clumps and divots!

Easier on clothing

Say bye to the stubborn grass stains which usually annoy the parents. Artificial turf will keep your children clean and you happy as you will find no stains on the kid’s clothes.

Less mud, more play

Eliminate the mud holes or standing water in your yard. It’s time to create a safer area for your children. Get installed artificial turf today that has optimal drainage and there’s no way that your children will get hurt. Mud holes are a thing of the past, forget them right away! Let the artificial turf make your kids playing safely all the day.

Playtime, anytime

Don’t stop your kids from playing instead stop using natural grass garden and playground. Artificial turf is a wonderful alternative to natural lawns because it can withstand all the wear and tear. Now rainy days cannot stop your child from playing.

Less bacteria growth

Artificial turf contains anti-microbial agents which work to fend off bacteria that attempt to thrive in it, thereby keeping the surface bacteria free. While playgrounds often show some degree of bacteria, artificial turf works to lessen that exposure, so that your kids experience a better and safer area to play in.

At DGA Greens, it is our priority to ensure the safety of your kids with the provisions our artificial turf offers.

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