Dog & Pet Turf

If you own a commercial pet facility, then pet turf is sure to boost your business in the following ways:

Municipal Dog Parks

DGA Greens offer the best quality pet turf to its clients, which can last for years. When planning a municipal project, people often look for something that’s both cost-effective and durable. With DGA Greens enduring turf, the buyers are more than satisfied as they do not have to replace their artificial turf for pets for years.

Apartment Complexes

If you have to manage a whole pet area at an apartment complex, where thousands of residents and pet owners bring their dogs, it’s best to get installed a pet-friendly turf which involves less cost and less maintenance charge. Also, this grass can withstand the wear and tear caused by dogs’ muddy paws through the apartment units.

Pet Areas Outside Offices

Some companies allow their employees to spend time with their pets during workdays. But off-course the pet owners won’t have to waste time trying to find a spot for their puppies’ potty breaks. Thanks to DGA Greens as it offers a pest-free environment for your dogs, so you won’t have to worry about ticks coming into the office with your pets.

Pet Boarding and Day Care Facilities

Dog daycare facilities have to take care of a number of dogs in a day. Install artificial grass for the better environment and less worry. Superior synthetic turf will keep your outdoor area from looking like a ground full of shit. You’ll be able to enjoy pest-free green grass all year long no matter how many dogs you have to keep in a day.

Play Areas at Pet Resorts

Artificial pet turf is useful when it comes to pet resorts which have an outdoor area especially made for pets to play and run. The turf allows the water to drain, keeping the environment safe and pet-friendly.

Dog Pools at Pet Resorts

If you own a pet resort, you are likely to offer an array of service to satiate your pet clients’ needs. Installing an artificial turf around the pool is useful to avoid a maintenance cost and your grass will be green throughout the year. Also it’s an ideal surface to use for pet bath time.

DGA Greens is capable to handle the diverse needs of different commercial pet facilities. You can contact us for further information and know about the ways in which you can get pet turf installed into your commercial pet area.


Say yes to artificial greens if you love your pets! Eliminate muddy paws, increase hygiene and safety, and get the space that both you and your dog will love.

Curb the dog’s destruction to your yard by installing pet turf which will improve your operations and give you a sigh of relief. No matter if you are running a commercial pet facility or you own a dog, DGA Green’s pet turf will be able to withstand the wear and tear of their paws and claws. Additionally, it will eliminate any problems you have had with mud and puddles.

Pet System Features

We provide a pet-friendly solution for all dog owners who want to ensure the cleanliness and safety for their loved pets. All our synthetic lawns are permeable so all dog mess can be cleaned easily. Moreover, our team of expert professionals understands the diverse needs of our customers. Hence our Pet System aims at amalgamating the best quality grass, installation technique, and maintenance schedule customized for your application. We deeply analyze your requirements and work in a way that complies with your specifications and needs.

DGA Greens is the only solution of its kind for pet-friendly artificial turf. We have served many clients across the country and they continue to support and entrust us.

Pet System Concerns

  • Measurement of the landscape
  • Size of the pet
  • The time spent by the pet in the area
  • Security measures for destructive pets
  • Personal preference, if any

Array of artificial turf products

DGA Greens has an array of branded turf that’s absolutely pet-friendly, thereby giving you a chance to choose right look to fit your dream landscape. All the products that we offer are of good quality, it depends on your requirements as to what is best for your application.

Stunning greens

Eliminate ugly brown spots with DGA Greens. No matter how many pets you have, with us you landscape will always look stunning.

Ensure Cleanliness

Allow your pets to play safe and stay clean all day long without worrying about the maintenance. No muddy paw prints and no warn out and dead grass. Contact DGA Greens to install perfect green grass all year around.

Good Drainage

Rain is good for keeping your artificial grass clean and tidy, so let it rain a bit more.

Fresh Environment

Your pets are going to love the healthy, clean and fresh environment, devoid of ticks and leas, hence preventing the spread of disease.

Controls odor

Eliminate the smell with the highest quality of turf that we offer. Keep the ambience around you fresh and welcoming.

Additional security

Improvements and advancements are available to ensure protection against even the most destructive canine.

Pest control

With the installation upgrade you can keep the pests at bay.

Different solutions for diverse needs!

Not all pets can be of the same size and not all pet owners have the same needs, so when constructing a pet area, size does matter. Most of the pet owners have more than one pet, hence the number of dogs influence synthetic turf product choice. Pets have their own way of spending time. Some like to spend more time outdoors, while others prefer staying inside. So when it comes to deciding space, the size matters again. Apparently, there are many factors to consider when constructing an artificial turf pet solution for dogs.

DGA Greens have a solution for all your problems. We are expert in offering an individual solution for each pet application based on your diverse needs.

Organic Odor Control

It is sometimes the biggest challenge to manage odors caused by pet waste. DGA Greens uses the best technique to neutralize odor organically. With a blend of regular maintenance your yard won’t smell bad ever.

Security Package

Destructive pets can often be harsh with the artificial turf. So as an added measure, DGA Greens offers extra security methods for installing grass particularly for destructive dogs. No more worry about chewing, digging or pulling, DGA Greens will take care of that.

Rodent Control Package

Rodents can be a big nuisance to your stunning landscape. We control these pests with advance installation method, keeping you ground and pets absolutely safe.

Go Green

DGA Greens is all about the Greens in your yard or garden. ‘Going green’ in your yard means a lot more than just the color of your lawn. DHA Greens Green landscape is synonymous with sustainability and eco-landscaping. So keep your yard green, while still saving water, nurturing environment and less maintenance.

Eco friendly

DGA Greens landscape diminishes carbon emission and fuel consumption from lawn equipment.

Water friendly

You can save millions of gallons of water by using artificial turf.

Pet friendly

DGA Greens loves your pets as much as you do. So they keep away pesticides and fertilizers from them.

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