Be it football, cricket or golf, every sport requires a large field or playing area. A lot of sports persons display their talent and a lot depends on the surface,they are playing in to excel in a particular sport, especially golf.

Wouldn’t it be easier to cut to the chase and play the game on an artificial surface, if that could be made to perform like natural grass?Artificial turf is not only good for your wallet, but also hones your skill and performance has a player.

It’s quite true that, a sports area must be both durable and functional, unless one has the pool of infinite resources to meet the unlimited requirements for the maintenance of real grass. At first thought, playing sports on real grass may seem like the more appealing choice and the idea of playing on artificial turf may sound outlandish. However, there are plenty of reasons to consider using artificial grass instead.

Firstly, artificial grass can be used to decrease maintenance cost for high-impact sections of the golf course. Usually, the areas surround the tees and putting greens are the hardest to maintain, as they endure the most wear and tear.

Artificial turf is an ideal option for these areas to provide a resilient and cost-effective solution. A range of options is available to provide a realistic finish, with varying pile heights to suit different areas of the course.

For cricket, finding the right surface could be major challenge sometimes, but with artificial turf it isn’t impossible now. Get installed the most durable artificial turf, especially in the high traffic areas and feel free. No matter if your budget is less, artificial turf is available in every range and you’ll be able to achieve the desired results in term of longevity and maintenance.

If weather conditions are a challenge and unpredictable rainfalls continues to disrupt your tennis matches on even the well-maintained fields, artificial turf is the ideal solution. With artificial turf, you don’t need to stop your game and suffer loses. Play non-stop while artificial turf will ensure optimal ball control and increased play-time.

Last, but not the least, artificial turf provides a comfortable experience for the football players and improves ball control with its rubber crumb and design. This reduces the risk of knee wounds encountered with the old style of play and pitch.

To conclude, availability of water for irrigation is one of the greatest barriers to the growth of golf and other sports in many parts of the world, DGA Greensis investing large sums of money in breeding new grass strains that can tolerate heat, drought and irrigation with poor quality water.

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