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When you think of artificial grass installation, think DGA Greens. We know a poor installation can make even the best artificial turf look and perform badly. And so we are committed to installation techniques that produce a stunning end result that will stand the test of time. Several customers of skill level prefer using our turf for their backyards as well as workstations- all because of the superior quality products that we offer and because we evaluate every step to ensure our clients’ project is a success.

Designed to mirror natural golf surfaces realistically, our all-weather greens require virtually no maintenance yet outperforms natural grass. We team up with American contractors, American turf experts and quality control professionals to design and construct an incredible selection of golfing surfaces that will urge you not to leave the ground at any cost.

Popular golf green installations comprise:

  1. Outdoor synthetic turf putting greens
  2. Indoor synthetic turf putting greens
  3. Full design, planning and installation service

Each green is specially designed and installed by trained members of the DGA Green team to suit the customer’s individual requirements. Owing to the highest quality materials, our turf is the choice of many Golf professionals.

Short Game Greens

short game putting greens

The purpose of this product is to stimulate the look, feel and performance of natural turf golf green. This advanced technology allows us to create greens that accept approach shots and chips like natural green turf while still offering the smoothest roll for practicing putting.



  1. Realistic Finish and Performance
  2. Virtually Maintenance-Free
  3. Reliable and Customizable Surface Speeds
  4. Professional Installation

Outdoor Putting Greens

outdoor putting greens

Outdoor Putting Greens are designed for putting and chipping practice, simulating the look, feel and performance of real bent grass greens.



  1. True Ball Roll and Customizable Green Speeds
  2. Virtually Maintenance-Free
  3. Professional Installation

Indoor Putting Greens

indoor putting green

Get installed your indoor putting green design for in-home use and practice all year around.



  1. Quality Performance
  2. Custom Design and Installation
  3. Short Game Practice

Backyard Golf Courses

bacyard putting greens

Get the golf course of your dream by transforming your backyard into your own private golf course.



  1. Backyard Chipping Course
  2. Backyard Golf Course
  3. Professional Landscape Design

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