Artificial & Natural Landscaping

Natural Landscaping

We offer a level of experience and expertise second to none, and won’t settle for anything less than a project that exceeds your expectations.

Our experience with International Natural grassing options like Bermuda, Nilgiri and Korean varieties at golf courses, sports fields and landscapes has helped us to gain a reputation of one amongst industry leaders in construction and installation of your natural grass field.

Lawn & Landscape Products

The artificial grass designed to perfection!

With several benefits to the environment such as water conservation, chemical free maintenance, less expenses and recycling, you can now save a bomb while keeping your lawn looking its best. It’s time to act smart and take advantage of the benefits DGA Greens has to offer. Save more money, more time and efforts – all this while providing stunning, eco-friendly landscape solutions to your customers across the country.


Do you really think it is worth to spend on huge water bills, expensive fertilizers, heavy maintenance cost? It’s time to cut your expenses with DGA Greens perfect artificial landscape option.

DGA Greens design the best quality landscape that you always wished for.

Widest selection of artificial grass products

Name it and we have it all. With DGA Greens you have so many options and choices.

The envy of the neighborhood

While your neighbors are busy watering, mowing and baking in the hot sun, you’ll be out with the best lawn on the block.

Save natural resource, save money

Lower your water consumption and save the natural resource. Replace the real grass with artificial one.

Unlimited uses

The choices and possibilities are endless with DGA Greens.

Genuine warranty

We warranty every product we sell and every installation we serve in the ground.

Different solutions for diverse needs!

Our greens offer you unrivalled realism for your stunning lawn and gardens. Our aim is to fundamentally focus on residential and commercial landscaping applications.

DGA Greens professionally install greens that will continue to be realistic, stunning and functional for years to come – all with minimal upkeep.

The comprehensive package

The possibilities with us are endless. With our best quality products we deliver the best to our customers. We consider the minutest of the details and leave nothing at all.

Moreover, our installation process is altered according to your specifications, to create your landscape to perfection. We give you a real feel of greens with our superior quality grass. In addition to that, we install grass around trees, paving stones and more- all according to the need and depending on your requirements.

Artificial yet natural

While the grass may be fake, it doesn’t let you feel like so. Trees and other plants added to the landscape blend perfectly with the turf we install.

Go Green

DGA Greens is all about the Greens in your yard or garden. ‘Going green’ in your yard means a lot more than just the color of your lawn. DHA Greens Green landscape is synonymous with sustainability and eco-landscaping. So keep your yard green, while still saving water, nurturing environment and less maintenance.

You yard can make a difference!

Our products at DGA Greens replace up to 60 percent of the petroleum-based polymers with renewable soybeans, hence making a healthy contribution to environment sustainability.

Green Construction and certification

Using DGA Greens services can contribute majorly in the area of water efficient landscaping, fast renewable material and creativeness in design.

Eco friendly

DGA Greens landscape diminishes carbon emission and fuel consumption from lawn equipment.

Water friendly

You can save millions of gallons of water by using artificial turf.

Pet friendly

DGA Greens loves your pets as much as you do. So they keep away pesticides and fertilizers from them.

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