The most important thing for parents is to protect their children. Our world is filled with lots of danger which is uncontrollable many times for parental side, so it’s only natural that we look for things we can do to keep our children safe and healthy.

Kids love to play on the grass, whether it’s simply romping around with friends or pets or playing football or some other team sport. But unfortunately, natural grass presents certain types of health and safety issues for the children. Some are seen but sometimes we unseen such thing or even not realize.

Allergies from grass s are the toughest one

Lots of kids got allergic from grass pollen. Allergies come out with the symptoms such as itchy eyes, skin rash runny nose and even swelling too. And the most dangerous symptoms that occur is asthma. In the extreme case sometimes grass allergy can even spread to anaphylaxis in some children if they get a scratch or scrape and the grass pollen enters their bloodstream.

The only way to avoid getting sick is to stay away from the grass. In fact, doctors also recommend that people having grass allergies stay in the house with the windows closed. If you have to go outside, wear cover clothing that covers your arms and legs and wash them properly. Or your child have to take medication every day for prevention.

Allergic free

Artificial grass is not a real grass, so it cannot trigger the symptoms. It is made from the non-allergic and non-toxic elements, so it doesn’t bring any harmful chemicals to your body as well as home.

Safer to play on

Natural grass generally develops depressions and holes that can easily travel to a child. Natural grass doesn’t drain down well, which cause dips and holes turn into puddles when it rains. Make it easier for the kid to slip down and fall. Without the puddles, natural grass becomes slippery when it is wet.

Artificial turf does not develop any patches or holes because it is combined with multi-level installation system; it drains away moisture much better than real grass under any conditions, it dries too fast as well. For all these features of artificial turf adds up to a safer play surface for kids.

Advanced technology protects little ones

One of the specialized artificial grass products we offer is to design the “flooring” under play structures. You want that your child to have maximum backyard fun, but every parent worries about the injuries. Artificial turf that combines with FallSoft technology actually have cushions falls from as high as 5 feet whereas natural grass may feel soft to your toes, but it won’t feel soft when your kid lands on it.

Hazardous to your health

Switch to artificial grass remove the tedious mowing as well as it also knocks out the need to apply unnecessary pesticides and fertilizers that can be seriously very harmful to the children. Kids can directly breathe these toxins as well as contact them directly on skin and clothes. With artificial turf, your kids are safe as well as our environment.

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