Sports and Playground

When it comes to building your athletic field, hockey and football court and any other sport pitch, DGA Greens has a comprehensive solution for your sports construction project from design and planning to installation and maintenance. We aim to provide the absolute best experience for everyone involved in the game from the players, coaches and referees to the people in the stands cheering them on.

Playground Products

With an increasing need for outdoor play areas for kids, DGA Greens offer the Safety Turf solutions specially designed to ensure minimum injury. Because when it comes to your kids, their safety is the utmost priority. Most injuries in the playgrounds occur due to hard and unsafe surfaces. Allow DGA Greens to develop the safest landscape for your kids, where they can play without getting wounded or hurt. The landscapes we offer are in accordance with the highest standards and are authenticated.

Feature Overview

The quality delivered by DGA Greens is unmatchable. Our artificial grass for playgrounds offers a durable and weatherproof surface for all year round play. No more heavy costs for maintenance and no more mowing, watering and seeding. You can have ideal sports area all year around.

Contact DGA Greens for a playground for kids, we’re glad to work alongside. We install everything at the most competitive price with no extra hidden costs. Feel free to call us and discuss about your dream landscape. We are here to make your dream come true.

While safety is our utmost priority, there are several other benefits to using DGA Greens artificial grass playground system.

Array of artificial products

You can use our grass product for any play area. Choosing the right product depends on your application.

Ensure safety

There’s a soft padding placed under the grass and will not be displaced at any cost.

Tested and Certified

All our products are approved and authenticated.

Non Abrasive

No more wounds and injuries in the playground. Our products are easy on the skin.

No Grass Stains

Stay healthy and play clean.


Promote health with artificial turf that causes no allergies or skin problems.

Best Drainage

Now rain can do no harm to your playground. You can play safe even after an intense rain storm.

Stable in all Climates

Time may change, weather may change, but your playground shall remain as it is!

Different solutions for diverse needs!

There are several different playground equipment, therefore DGA Greens initiates a complete, resourceful system that allows for any kind of play equipment. We cater to the different needs differently.


The altitude of the equipment

The area of high use

Head Injury Criteria (HIC) needs

The customer’s selection of grass products

The height helps us to understand the highest possible fall from a child playing on the equipment. According to that we can take safety measures by installing the right amount of foam padding protection.

The spots of high-use are more prone to be replaced.

The HIC requirements are necessary to provide protection against head injury to kids.

The choice is ultimately yours as we have the widest selection of grass products to choose from. All you need to do is select the best grass that best suits your area.

Don’t forget that you always have the option to only replace the affected areas.

Go Green

DGA Greens is all about the Greens in your yard or garden. ‘Going green’ in your yard means a lot more than just the color of your lawn. DHA Greens Green landscape is synonymous with sustainability and eco-landscaping. So keep your yard green, while still saving water, nurturing environment and less maintenance.

Eco friendly

DGA Greens landscape diminishes carbon emission and fuel consumption from lawn equipment.

Water friendly

You can save millions of gallons of water by using artificial turf.

Pet friendly

DGA Greens loves your pets as much as you do. So they keep away pesticides and fertilizers from them.

Gardner need & Landscaping

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