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Many people often don’t think about their roof and leave it untouched and untidy. How about transforming concrete rooftop into stunning greens? DGA Greens has the ability to transform these areas into stunning outdoors to improve your quality of life by creating functional spaces, like never before. Also, we offer you innovative solutions by offering many creative possibilities for using greens in areas never before presumable.


DGA Greens offers a perfect solution to green up your residence or office. A roof or terrace garden not only makes your space look appealing, but also creates a fresh ambience. With a lightweight surface, easy installation facility, proper drainage, you are sure to cherish the transformation done to your terrace by creating something out of what usually was nothing.


Residential roof decks

Always weatherproof and a cost effective alternative to wood or composite decking.

Patio and Terrace

Transform concretes into greens to enjoy the walking bare feet on the soft grass.

Commercial Rooftops

Feel close to nature by adding a dash of stunning green grass in world full of concrete and glass.


Casual Living Space

Roof garden can be an oasis in an otherwise urban life. Our advanced technology keep things snug for the entire year even during the hottest days.

Entertainment Value

Redesign your terrace into a much more refreshing and entertaining area for you and your guests.

Pet Patios

Introduce greens to your patio and get a place to play. Our artificial turf system help keep your pets clean, so no muddy paws and free from any ticks and fleas, so no spread of diseases.

Environment Friendly

No water bills, little to no maintenance, no marks and assured durability make DGA Greens the ideal choice for people who love nature.

Lightweight Solution

DGA Greens offer a perfect and lightweight solution for buildings where weight is a factor.

Safety First

DGA Greens solely offers an artificial grass product with a class 1 fire rating making it safe for use with commercial constructions ( limited products only)

Installation Options

Our skilled professionals offer affordable and reliable installation service.

Residential Installation Features

  • DGA experts are trained to offer comprehensive service installation
  • Absolutely safe solution to resist wind and uplift
  • Proper and sufficient drainage system
  • Turf materials well aligned an are easy to handle for workers

Commercial Installation Features

Make the most of what DGA Greens has to offer.

  • Commercial Installation Features
  • Lightweight surface to match structure recommendations
  • Certified and verified
  • Offers non-slip surface
  • Advanced technology reduces surface temperature
  • Increased property value due to increased living
  • Little to no maintenance cost
  • Durability and reliability

Go Green

DGA Greens is all about the Greens in your yard or garden. ‘Going green’ in your yard means a lot more than just the color of your lawn. DHA Greens Green landscape is synonymous with sustainability and eco-landscaping. So keep your yard green, while still saving water, nurturing environment and less maintenance.

Eco friendly

DGA Greens landscape diminishes carbon emission and fuel consumption from lawn equipment.

Water friendly

You can save millions of gallons of water by using artificial turf.

Pet friendly

DGA Greens loves your pets as much as you do. So they keep away pesticides and fertilizers from them.

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